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LA GIRIBALDINA Moscato D'Asti DOC Château La Berrière Muscadet Sur Lie
Classification: Moscato D'Asti DOCG Variety: 100% Moscato Bianco Provenance: Giribaldi Vineyard. Calamandrana , Regione San Vito (Asti). Soils: sand 40%, silt 42%, clay 18 Vinification and maturing: Only the healthy and ripe bunches are pressed very gently to obtain a very richly aromatic must. This must is stored in temperature-controlled steel tanks to prevent fermentation. Shortly before bottling, the must is poured into autoclaves where the partial fermentation of sugars takes place in order to obtain a pleasantly sparkling product.
Organoleptic characteristics: Straw yellow color with golden hues. Characteristics bouquet with a marked musky aroma, reminiscent of ripe grapes. Well-balanced, sweet but not cloying flavor, freshened by its slight sparkle.
Serve with:
Dry pastries and fruit tarts, cream pastries, traditional Italian cakes and desserts, from “panettone” to “zabaione”, fresh fruit, ice-cream and fresh cheese. meats, meat dishes, roasts, stews, game and matured cheeses.
Classic characteristics of marine climate wines, with distinct mineral and saline notes, citrusy fruit and crisp, cool-climate acidity. The Cotes de Grandlieu is considered the premier appellation of Muscadet, and La Berriere tends to vines of more than 30+ years, resulting in wines of great concentration, minerality and depth of flavor. Perhaps the most perfect shellfish wine!